Jocelyne Prince

Jocelyne Prince is a conceptual artist working in glass and other sculptural media. She lives and teaches in Rhode Island. She has been working since the mid eighties.

Her recent work uses pseudo-scientific methodology and combines it with the contradictory pursuits of representing the specificity of her personal identity and getting as close as possible to material nothingness.

You can consult her bio and cv, see images, artifacts, video commentary and get detailed info on her latest works and projects, or can go indepth and read her statement and ideas explaining her project as an artist.

LATEST NEWSAmsterdam Spin Event (by invitation only) – October 10th, 2008, 17:00 – A performance in which a team of artists feed glass into a spinning centrifuge: through the hand and body of both the "conductor" and "bit-runners" a manual re-interpretation of 3D rapid prototyping interprets the music being spun on a turntables. Instead of a CAD program transforming information into thin cross-sections that guides material deposits, a group of people collaborate to additively build, with the intention of re-creating within these means and as accurately as possible, the feeling or expression of the music.

RECENT NEWS — In September 2008 I taught a workshop and participated in the conference at European Glass Context 08, in Börnholm, Denmark.

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