Jocelyne Prince

Jocelyne Prince is a conceptual artist working in glass and other sculptural media. She lives and teaches in Rhode Island. She has been working since the mid eighties.

Her recent work uses pseudo-scientific methodology and combines it with the contradictory pursuits of representing the specificity of her personal identity and getting as close as possible to material nothingness.

You can consult her bio and cv, see images, artifacts, video commentary and get detailed info on her latest works and projects, or can go indepth and read her statement and ideas explaining her project as an artist.

Cherry Blossom Live Event

April 6th, 2012

Video documentation Schweiz of a live event at K-Arts in Seoul, Korea.


Sonata de verre – Performance at the Glass Art Association of Canada (GAAC) Conference

June 5th, 2010

Below are some photos of the performance I did at Espace Verre in Montréal on Saturday, May 29th. Click on the photo to see slide show.

Also here is DJ Slim’s on-the-fly sound sample remixing done as part of online casino the Espace Verre performance. All sounds are samples recorded during the Sonata de verre performance

Sonata de verre – DJ Slim (excerpts)

Time lapse video of performance rehearsal and performance.

Amsterdam Spin Event

June 5th, 2010

Jocelyne Prince performing her Spin Event Performance at the video poker Vrij Glas foundation. Dec. 2008. Video by Vrij Glas.

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