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[see cv below] Jocelyne Prince grew up in St. Boniface, a large Francophone neighborhood in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (her father was active in promoting her Franco-Manitoban cultural heritage in the city). She began as a painter, studying at the University of Manitoba School of Art (1981-83) and Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (1983-85), and exhibiting her large-format, shaped works on ply-wood in Montreal and Winnipeg. In the 1990s Prince became interested in using glass when Espace Verre began offering classes in Montreal. She did her MFA in glass at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). She began teaching in the Glass Department at RISD immediately after graduating, and now also teaches in RISD's Digital Media Department. She was a visiting artist at the Toyama Institute of Glass Art in Toyama, Japan, in 2004; taught at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax in the summer of 2002; was an adjunct assistant professor of visual art at Brown University in 2001-02, and adjunct assistant professor in sculpture at the Maine College of Art the previous year. She has also taught at the Bild-Werk Academy in Frauenau, Germany, and the Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, WA. Jocelyne Prince lives in Providence with her husband, artist Lucky Leone.

:: Jocelyne Prince CV ::


  • 1992-1994 Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island. MFA. (Honors)
  • 1983-1985 Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. BFA.

Solo Shows

  • 2002 "Projections - Watermark Taxonomy"
    • Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • 2000 "Disco Ball for the New Millennium"
    • eyelevel Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia & Mobius Gallery, Boston, MA.
  • 1997 "Viruses"
    • Galerie Articule Gallery, Montreal, Quebec.
  • 1994 "Retinal Schism"
    • 532 Kinsely, Providence, Rhode Island.
  • 1991 "Double Salon: Tete Qui Pense, Corps Qui Pese"
    • The Franco-Manitoban Cultural Center, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Group Shows (Selected)

  • 2009 "Glas"
    • Designhuis, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • 2008 "Lo ! : A collection of secreted tales and objects of wonder"
    • Curators: Lauren Holt & Ken Linehan. Museum of Small Finds, Machines with Magnets Gallery, Pawtucket, RI
  • 2007 "Me and Them"
    • Curator: Micah Lexier. Kenderdine Art Gallery, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon.
    • "On Going Invention"
      Curator: Katherine Gray. Robert V. Fullerton Museum, Cal State University, San Bernardino, CA
  • 2006 "New Glass"
    • Curator: Sue Carroll. Wheeler Gallery, Providence RI.
    • "20 Years On"
      Curator: Elizabetn Swineburn Ebeltoft Museum, Ebeltoft , Denmark (catalogue)
    • "Residue"
      Curator: Erica Adams. AA/B Gallery, Art Advisory, Boston, MA
  • 2003 "The Other Side of the Looking Glass: The Glass Body and its Metaphors"
    • Curator: Susanne Frantz. Turtle Bay Museum, Redding , CA. (catalogue)
    • "The Poetry of Science"
      Curator: Robin Cass. The Gallery, One Bausch & Lomb Place, Rochester, NY. (catalogue)
    • "20/20 Vision"
      Curator: Susanne Frantz. The Museum of American Glass, Millville, NJ. (catalogue)
  • 2001 "Visionary Women"
    • Curator: Robin Cass. The Gallery, One Bausch & Lomb Place, Rochester, NY.
  • 2000 "Constellation"
    • Curators: Anna Norberg & Donna Marcantonio. New Art Center in Newton, Newton, MA.
  • 1999 "On the Ball: the sphere in contemporary sculpture"
    • Curators: N. Capasso & R. Rosenfield-Lafo. DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA.
    • "Franconia Outdoor Sculpture Park"
      Franconia Sculpture Park , Shafer, Minnesota.
  • 1998 "Rapid Eye Movement"
    • Curator: Sandra Jass. Modern Fuel Gallery, Kingston, Ontario. (catalogue)
    • "SUPERPOSITION : The Art and Science Fair"
      Curators: Petri's Quadrille, Regina, Saskatchewan.
  • 1997 "Home Invasion"
    • Curators: Dai Skuse & Bernie Miller. YYZ Gallery, Toronto, Ontario.
  • grants/awards:
  • 2007 Corning Museum of Glass, artist in residence
  • 2005 & 2006
    • Rhode Island School of Design, Faculty Development Grant, partial funding for an art project.
  • 2000 CGCA Fellowship, Residency Grant.
    • Canada Council, Travel Grant.
  • 1998 Franconia Sculpture Park, Jerome Grant.
    • Canada Council, Travel Grant.
  • 1995 Canada Council, Project Grant.
  • 1994 Rhode Island School of Design, Award of Excellence.
  • 1992-94
    • Quebec Ministry of Education, Full scholarship grant.
  • 1991 Ministère des Affaires Culturelles du Québec, Professional Practice Grant.
  • 1989 Canada Council, Travel and Project Grant.
  • teaching experience:
  • 2001- actual
    • Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island.
      Critic, Glass, Sculpture & Digital Media Departments.
  • 2005-06
    • Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island.
      Assistant Professor, Glass Department.
  • 2003/04 & 07/08
    • Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island.
      Interim Chair, Glass Department.
  • 2002 Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
    • Visiting faculty, Intermedia Department.
  • 2001/02
    • Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island.
      Adjunct faculty, Visual Art Department.
  • 2000/01
    • Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine.
      Adjunct Assistant professor – Sculpture Department.
  • 1995-1999
    • Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island.
      Adjunct faculty, Sophomore, Junior and Degree Program Workshop.
  • Workshops & VA lectures:
  • 2008 "A Workshop" - European Glass Context 2008, The Island of Bornholm, Denmark.
    • Instructor – Experimental Work with Hot Glass (with Karen Lisa Salamon Social Anthropologist and PhD in Management Studies Denmark and Martin Thaulow painter, filmmaker and set-designer Denmark).
  • 2007 Haystack School of Crafts, Deer Isle, Maine.
    • Instructor – Experimental Work with Hot Glass.
  • 2006 Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia.
    • Visiting Artist
    • Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, Washington.
      Instructor – Experimental Work with Hot Glass.
  • 2005 Corning Museum of Glass, The Studio, Corning, NY.
    • Instructor– Workshop (co-taught with Susanne Joker-Johnsen).
  • 2004 Toyama Institute of Glass Art, Toyama, Japan.
    • Visiting artist & workshop (co-taught with Bruce Chao).
  • 1995 Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, Washington
    • Instructor– Beginning Glass Workshop
  • 1998, 19997 & 1994
    • Bildwerk Summer Academy, Frauenau, Germany.
      Instructor - Interdisciplinary Models for Hot and Cold Glass.
      (co-taught with Stephen Paul Day, Sybille Peretti, Jean Paul VanLith and Ursula Huth)
  • publications:
  • Erica Adams, "New England Glass: Craft to Tech City."
    This Side Up, Winter 2006, No 33.
  • Susanne Frantz, "The Other Side of the Looking Glass."
    Glass Magazine, Summer 2003, No 91, pages 48-53.
  • Erica Adams, "Weaving Memories, Spinning Spaces."
    This Side Up, Autumn 2000, No 11, pages 26-27.
  • Matthew Kangas, "A New Paradigm."
    Glass Magazine, Fall 2000, No 80, pages 24-31.
  • Erica Adams, "Marcel Duchamp & Man Ray, Morris Graves & Jocelyne Prince; An Archeology of the Future." This Side Up, Spring 2000, No 9, pages 24-25.
  • Marty Carlock, "On the Ball."
    Sculpture, July/August 1999,Vol. 18 No.6, pages 67-68. (Exhibition Review)
  • Wendy Orent, "Pox Populi."
    The Sciences, January/February 1999, page 11. (photo)
  • Craig Pyette, "The dust bunny from hell."
    Saturday Night, March 1998, page 11. (photo and text)
  • "Artist-Run Culture, a portfolio of recent and upcoming artwork."
    Mix Magazine, Fall 1997, vol. 23.2, page 30. (photo and text)

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