Spin Live Event

Spin Event Amsterdam Documentation

Spin Live Event

2008 October 10Vrij Glas, Amsterdam, Netherlands

DJ, four dancing bit-runners, one assistant, glass conductor, turntables, molten glass

1 hour

This Live Event recruited participants from the European glass community and an artist-in-residence from STEIM, an electronic music studio in Amsterdam who had DJ experience.  The DJ played a 60-minute beat mix with LPs donated by Audio.NL, a house music record label based in Rotterdam. Mirroring the DJ’s turntables are two larger turntables for hot glass.

A silver-clad conductor mans the large turntables. A system of hand gestures guides hot glass “bit-runners” as each of these glass workers dances with the molten glass in hand. The conductor’s gestures help direct the speed, verticality and horizontality of the glass as it is delivered. The dancing bit-runners work in a temporal, additive, and collaborative manner to build a physical interpretation of the music; body movement and the motion of the molten glass are used as a non-technological and subjective means to the capture the feeling or expression of the music. In addition to the on-site audience, the event was broadcast on live webcam.

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Images from Vrij Glas web page