Roller glass, sheet glass, video, photo

installation: 120 x 600 x 24 inches each window: 120 x 36 x 3 inches

This site-specific work acknowledges the high volume of sheet glass produced in Pennsylvania and in southern New Jersey’s Pine Barrens region. An intervention of liminal transparency occupies a wall of three arched windows and three built-in display cabinets.

The central display case, which normally houses examples of decorative glassware, is filled with float glass. Forming a visual void, the viridian green stacks of glass prove difficult to perceive. Flanking this display case are the museum windows, and two smaller display cabinets showing videos of pine boughs swaying in the wind.

Pine trees, the material historically used to fuel glass furnaces, are visible through this particular bank of museum windows, which have been re-fenestrated with roller glass handmade in the Museum’s hot glass shop. The roller glass is fraught with surface marks, pour lines, and irregular selvage. These cloud-like shapes intersect and interrupt the seamless sight line to the outside, to the pine trees and to the hot glass shop where these sheets of glass were made.

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