Jocelyne Prince


1. Toyama Japan Glass Workshop, 2004 Jocelyne Prince and Bruce Chao from RISD lead a 1 week workshop with students from Toyama Glass Institute. Information was given about natural glass formations such as tektites (glass from outer space), fulgurites (glass formed in sand hit by lightning), centrifical force, etc. Then students were encouraged to use this information and experiment with non-tradtional ways glass could be formed using anything from their world.

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2. Other Workshops Jocelyne Prince has also lead many other workshops in the US and Europe including at Pilchuck Glass School in Washington (2006), Haystack School of Crafts in Deer Isle, Maine (2007) and Corning Museum of Glass, The Studio, Corning, NY (2005) (co-taught with Susanne Joker-Johnsen).


Jocelyne Prince


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